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The Vision of a New Generation

Sonic Circuits Festival 2016

The 2016 Sonic Circuits Festival was quite eventful from the performances that left you're mind filled with wonderment. The sounds and melodies in room just left you awed and wanting more to you're heart's content. Here are some stills of the performers that showcased they're talents at the festival. 

Marian McLaughlin Trio at Comet Ping Pong

"The Marian McLaughlin Trio is the newest form McLaughlin's music has taken for live performance, as McLaughlin (vocals, nylon-string guitar) and Foote (double bass, 12-string guitar) are joined by the immensely talented cellist-vocalist Katie Weissman. Achieving a remarkable range of sound for its small size, the trio distills the lush instrumentation of McLaughlin's recording output (strings, winds, percussion, electric guitars) into concentrated form, offering a musical experience at once intimate and expansive. The group has toured the eastern United States extensively, drawing widespread praise for its exceptional musicianship and adventurous interpretations of McLaughlin's songs."

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Creepoid opening Performance at Rock & Roll Hotel

The Philly band Creepoid shimmered thru the contrasting lighting effect to give unforgettable performance at Rock & Roll Hotel and to witness them for 1st time was truly amazing.

Marian McLaughlin's Spirit House Ensemble: final Strathmore AIR show

I had a chance recently to photograph my friend Marian McLaughlin at the Strathmore Mansion where she had a Artist Residency in month of April. She is an amazing spirit on playing the tunes to her guitar while reaching the souls and minds of the crowd with her soft nightingale like voice.