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Dew Drop Inn DC presents This Could Go Boom Show!

Amazing Saturday night of musica and sounds at the Dew Drop Inn DC presented by This Could Go Boom!

I was there to support my friend Maria Shesiuk and her solo project MASLO. God that was an amazing ray of psychedelic like sounds coursing thru the air to my ears in the first 3 minutes into her set. I wasn’t sure whether to photograph Maria whom was creating those amazing sounds, but I decided to capture moments while listening at the same time. However I was glad that I didn’t lose my mind in a drift from the mesmerising sounds flowing in the air cause that would have been costly dropping an expensive DLSR on the floor. LOL! I am glad I did photograph Maria’s playing the keys and singing to share the moments.

The next Artist was quite the surprise playing a solo Acoustic guitar with vocals to start her set that made you feel like you were walking thru a field of tall grass in a midsummer’s dream. Her name is Jasmine Gillison and seeing and hearing her for the first time that I must say it was wonderful to tune in to support this amazing Artist. From Jasmine’s solo performance end led to her band coming on stage. One of the most coolest drummer’s Ben Tufts in a band with Jasmine, just lite it up like true wizard on the drums. Man nothing like seeing and hearing master drummer put on a clinic like that in person, definitely two thumbs up!

Amazing Night of music and sounds definitely was refreshing to the mind and soul. Just wanted to send a shoutout and thanks to “This Could Go Boom!” for showcasing these wonderful musicians and their talents. Please Support “This Could Go Boom!” at